Δευτέρα, 22 Αυγούστου 2011

by A.L.

Religion is the most important thing in a person’s life. If electric trains are the most pervasive thing in one’s life, that is his religion. Anything can be a religion if it means a lot. If your present religion isn’t the most important thing in your life, then skip it. Find whatever impels you most and make that your religion.
Religions are easy to invent. Most traditional religions have little or nothing to do with reality, are dependent on obfuscation, interpretation, guilt, and unreasoning faith—some more than others. Since Satanism is essentially a religion of the self, it holds that the individual and his personal needs comes first. If that means playing with trains or spike-heeled shoes or singing in the bathtub, those are its sacraments and devotions. Taking inventory of old comic books is counting beads on a rosary, each book being a station of the cross.
Before I codified Satanism, thus enabling me to integrate everything of a personal meaning into a suitable forum, I first considered the religion of Dogism. The belief system made sense, but was too limiting. Dogism holds that if you can’t eat it, and you can’t fuck it; piss on it. Much as I respect dogs and their gods, I could relate more to Catism, the principle religion of cats. The Five Commandments of Catism are:

(1) Don’t run, if you can walk.
(2) Don’t walk, if you can stand.
(3) Don’t stand, if you can sit.
(4) Don’t sit, if you can lie down, and
(5) Don’t stay awake, if you can take a nap.
Catism counsels: “He who sleeps the day away / lives to sleep another day,” or, “Respect the friend who brings your food, for he has been your choice / Or go and catch it for yourself, and have a louder voice,” and other such homilies.
Freud’s “pleasure principle” should be known to be the highest motivator for any religion. The significance of any fetish is a yardstick for its priority. When a fetish transcends all else, including survival needs, religious fanaticism is the result. When the audio equipment takes priority over the music, the way the music sounds is more important than the sound of the music. The act of falling in love can be more important than one’s choice of a mate. If the size of a screen is more important than what’s on it and the latest hardware and software eclipses the quality of the product entered—fetishism is the result.
All activity that consumes, therefore, should be recognized as being both religious and fetishistic. A Satanist whose hobby or fetish is Satanism per se, is no more of a Satanist than one who, realizing the indulgence advocated by Satanism, accepts the Name. The difference between the man or woman who’s apracticing Satanist, from an identity Satanist is that the practicing Satanist looks at the picture, while the identity Satanist studies the frame.
Those who disparage and belittle the Church of Satan to an obsessive degree reveal their fetish. In reality and practice, by their consuming interest, they reveal their true religion to be—the Church of Satan. Otherwise, they would turn on their heel, walk away, and refuse to subject themselves to that which they need not. Clearly, they need us. We don’t need them.
Never underestimate the sexual corollaries to fetishism/religion. It’s too easy (and convenient) to dismiss covert arousal. Just as there have been foot fetishists who work in shoe stores, there are masturbationist writers and artists who have nothing to say and write nothing worth reading. Their output amounts to one stroke or rub per line of type, using their typewriters or computers as sex toys. This can lead to sexual dependency upon the computer. Far-fetched? Things have changed since monks illuminated manuscripts and suffered ecstasies.
Varieties of religious experience can be as interesting as varieties of fetishism. Though there may be many kinds, overall, each disciple has his or her rigid set of preferred and obligatory devotions. Each has personal words of power as a result of distillation. All roads lead to Rome for the serious practitioner. It is Spare’s principle of reduction, Pavlov’s bell. The devout Catholic crosses himself and murmurs “Saints preserve us.” The Pentecostal shouts “Hallelujah!” The Jew says “Mazeltov.” A more potent manifestation is possible, when one considers the true nature of religion. They might instead say: “I need a drink,” “My niece with the fine ass...,” “Is she a disciplinarian?” Every fetishist/religionist has sacred buzzwords: “tickle,” “Cherry ’65 Mustang,” “stinky socks,” and millions more. Sexual fetishes are probably the most epicurean preference of the human animal. The smallest detail is of great significance and there is little margin for error. In fact, there is less room for deviance in deviance, than in any other human endeavor.
If certain words and phrases keep reappearing, it’s because they're never tiresome, always fresh. Uncle Louies favorite musical composition may be the same old tune to others, but to Uncle Louie, it improves with age - which is more than can be said for Uncle Louie. It is his Ave Maria.
Satanism is the only religion which serves to encourage and enhance one’s individual preferences, so long as there is admission of those needs. Thus, one’s personal and indelible religion (the picture) is integrated into a perfect frame. It’s a celebration of individuality without hypocrisy, of solidarity without mindlessness, of objective subjectivity. There need be no deviation from these principles. They should summarily negate internecine strife and bickering. Any attempts at Satanic “reformation” should be seen for what they are: creating problems where none exist. There should be no place in any religion for reformers whose very religion is the fetish of reformation. There is even a place and title for compulsive dissidents, and if they can wear the mantle, they are welcome. They would delude themselves to be revolutionaries. In our camp, they are called “House Masochists.”

Παρασκευή, 19 Αυγούστου 2011

Σου εύχομαι να βρεις αυτά που σου χρωστώ
κι όλα αυτά που νοσταλγείς και ας χάνεις το σωστό
Σου εύχομαι να δεις τοπία μαγικά
σε καρδιές που θ΄απορείς πώς αγγίξαν την χαρά
Εύχομαι να τα ποθείς στ΄αστέρια να χαθείς
και ν΄αγγίξεις το βυθό που δεν μπόρεσα να βρω

Μα εγώ πρέπει να φύγω θα φύγω γιατί μου έκανες πολλά
από σένα να ξεφύγω πριν σε μισήσω δυνατά
Μα εγώ πρέπει να φύγω θα φύγω γιατί μου έκανες πολλά
αναμνήσεις πια τυλίγω και σου αφήνω τα καλά

Σου εύχομαι να βρεις αυτά που μου χρωστάς
κι απ΄τον κόσμο αυτό να βγεις το θυμό να ξεγελάς
Σου εύχομαι να ζεις την κάθε σου στιγμή
κι αν μπορείς ν΄αντισταθείς απ΄του χρόνου τη ρωγμή
Εύχομαι να ονειρευτείς τους φόβους σου να δεις
και να σβήσεις το κενό που μας χώριζε στα δυο

Μα εγώ πρέπει να φύγω θα φύγω γιατί μου έκανες πολλά
από σένα να ξεφύγω πριν σε μισήσω δυνατά
Μα εγώ πρέπει να φύγω θα φύγω γιατί μου έκανες πολλά
αναμνήσεις πια τυλίγω και σου αφήνω τα καλά

Πέμπτη, 11 Αυγούστου 2011


το ένιωσα αλλά δεν ήθελα να το πιστέψω…φοβόμουν και μέσα μου έκλαιγα, η ψυχή μου έκλαιγε σαν μικρό παιδί. τι είναι όμως ο φόβος;! συναίσθημα της ζωής, συναίσθημα του θανάτου ή συναίσθημα και των δύο. τελικά τι; θα ζήσω τον φόβο για τη ζωή ή για το θάνατο, θα αντέξω ή θα χαθώ;
ακόμα το αισθάνομαι αλλά όχι δεν θα το παραδεχτώ…φοβάμαι, ναι φοβάμαι να το παραδεχτώ! γιατί; δεν ξέρω γιατί, απλά φοβάμαι…και η ψυχή μου κλαίει και ουρλιάζει στο σκοτάδι της. και τα συναισθήματα τι είναι τελικά;
να πάλι το νιώθω…τώρα όμως θέλω να γελάσω και η ψυχή μου να παίξει σαν παιδί, να γελάσω μέχρι να πονέσει το στομάχι μου και μετά θα αρχίσω πάλι να κλαίω, το ξέρω θα αρχίσω πάλι να κλαίω και η ψυχή μου θα βυθιστεί μέσα στη μιζέρια της και η γαλήνη της θα εξαφανιστεί για άλλη μια φορά…
σταματα! δεν θέλω να σκέφτομαι άλλο! δεν θέλω να νιώθω άλλο! δεν μου αρέσει αυτό! σταματα!ποναω!φοβαμαι!
καληνύχτα, θα ζήσω στο πουθενά και θα χαθώ στον αέρα.
αντίο λευκέ μου θάνατε…

Ola ginode gia kapoio logo ? i o diavolakos paizei me thn distixia mas.

Thimamai pou imoun mikrh kai malona me tin aderfh mou polu asxima, ksulo , dagonies, bounies, travigma malion...kai sthn sinexia boliko klama kai vrisidia (oti kserame na leme tote p.x. ilithia itan to xirotero pou legame ala thigomastan poli otan to legame i mia sthn allh). H mitera mou ws sinithws katharize to spiti apo to prwi mexri to vradu...magireue douleve...kai en telh itan 2 se 1 (mama kai babas at the same time) kai mas ekane kai thn psixologo kai mas milouse bas kai mas ta vrei.~

Otan vevaia oi katastaseis ixan ftasei se ena simio opou h mama den borouse na xiristei mas pigene stin mana ths...kamia fora  mas pigene kai tis 2 mazi (giati i giagia ixe ton tropo tis na mas kanei kala) i mia mia (enalax sinithws )kai  koimomastan ekei ta vradia...

Pleon eimai poli apomakri apo kathe sigenh mou...ala an o papous mou zouse kai an h  giagia mou den eixe alzheimer oso megalh kai na eimoun tha pernousa ateliwtes wres mazi tous...

Kathe fora pou pigena sto spiti ths giagias mou htan ola sthn trixa...toso kathara ,eniwthes kalitera apo tin stigmh pou tha patouses to podi sou ekei, giati opws kai na to kanoume pada metraei to perivalon pou vriskese sthn psixologia sou.Sinexos prosfere....mou eftiaxne thn mia " lixoudia " meta thn ali ..xoris na tin niazi oti tha einai gia kabosh wra akoma panw apo ta tigania kai tis katsaroles...ola mou fenodousan toso omorfa se auto to spiti mexri kai o ixos apo to moteraki kathe prwi itan  toso glikos (lulz well itan XD).Auta ta mikra pragmata pou prosfere sinexos ,pou xeskizotan gia na mou ta prosferei itan toso simadika gia emena...Ektos apo emena pou prosexe h giagia san beba pou imoun prosexe mia beba akoma (thn aderfh mou ) kai alon enan bebi (ton papou mou ). O pappous mou itan pada ena kakogerasmeno adraki , pada mes ta neura , pada fonaze sthn giagia, htan gomeniaris panathema ton ...o gohs mh xesw (kala nai den itan kai h trelh mou adinamia opws fenete), e kai gia na mhn polilogo htan ena ritidiasmeno katharmataki pou den elege na kopsei to tsigaro eno itan me to ena podi ston tafo.Akoma kai etsi imoun to mono egoni pou sibathouse (ax ti kanoun ta gonidia ) , opote kathe fora pou ton evlepa na adimetopizei me asximo tropo thn giagia tou fonaza kai vrodousa kai to xeri sto trapezi (autos vevaia gelouse ....ala stamatouse amesws). H giagia htan polu kalos anthrwpos h kai poli malakas malon giati anexotan olo to ivreologio kai olo to katigoritirio xoris logo.Htan thriska , to domatio ths itan gemato ikonismata . GEMATO.... pio pola kai apo auta mias ekklisias kathe proi kai kathe vradi metanies (//DOING)(NAI milame gia polu thriska).polles fores thn koroideuame egw me thn aderfh mou gia auto ,ala ekinh pisteue pos o theos tha itan to mono atomo pou den tha tin prodide pote...kai oti kapia stigmh tha tin apalaxi apo tous psixologikous kai somatikous tis ponous.Gia na anakefaleonw htan mia gineka pou sinexws ginotan xali gia tin mana mou , gia ton apesio adra pou padreutike, gia emena, gia thn aderfh mou , kai mexri kai gia tous gitones , douleve olh mera kai ixe elaxisto diko tis xrono gia na dei apo autes tis sapounoperes pou toso ths aresan.Kamia fora xoris na exei kati...apo ekei pou htan mes 'thn trelh xara otan thn rwtousa " Giagia kala eisai ? "  , ekline ta matia tis ...xefisouse kai elege psithirista" Kala eimai ...kala" gia na mou dixei oti den einai..tote  elega oti paizei theatro...kai nai epaize.Ala twra katalavenw kai ton logo.

Mias kai h giagia prosfere sinexws ithele na niwsei kai auth kapia stigmh oti kapios niazete gia authn kai anazitouse thn prosoxh mas kai thn frodida mas.Oso thn thimame pada ekane teties siberifores .Perasan ta xronia...kai h giagia mou epathe alzheimer , arxise na berdevei diafora proioda magirikis, meta arxise na berdevei ta logia ths miteras mou , meta xehnouse mikra pragmatakia pou eprepe na kanei, pragmata pou  ths legame ta xehnouse mesa se 1 lepto (xirotera apo prin) , kai twra den anagnorizei oute emena oute thn aderfh mou oute thn mana mou ( mesa ths mono niwthei tin mana mou os diko ths proswpo).Katouriete panw ths den borei na perpatisei ,na piei nero monh tis oute na faei , oute na pei an zestenete an nistazei oute tipota,einai apla zodanh nekrh. Einai apla enas nekros anthrwpos pou i kardia tou sinexizei na xtipa.Evlepa olo auto pou travaei kai me epianan ta klamata, giati na ta travaei ola auta?htan toso kalos anthrwpos toso exipiretikos  , kai xerw oti kati tetia tha ta pathenes mono an ekanes kati kako giati ola girnane boumerang.An iparxei theos htan toso thriska, ton agapouse toso polu kai pisteue kiolas oti mono autos thn agapaei alithina, giati thn egatelipse etsi? giati thn afise na sapisei sto krevati ths?

Thn pigame se ena idrima giati   h frodida tis itan poli diskolh ...sto idrima auto htan o papous mou  .Se diaforetiko dwmatio , den ixan sinadithei pote, kai oi 2 xehasmenoi sto panemorfo klima tou idrimatos (giati ontos einai  ena poli  omorfo perivalon thalporis kai iremias gia kathe ilikiomeno)Episkeptomastan sixna kai tous duo tous ... kai oi duo sthn idia tragikh katastash...ta pragmata xiroterepsan otan  o pappous epese apo to banio kai xtipise thn lekanh tou.Xriastike xirourgio.Meta to xirourgio xanaepese...o organismos tou exadlithike meta to 2o xirourgio par'ola auta epestrepse sto idrima , xoris i giagia mou na gnorizei to paramikro(kai na tis to elegan  den tha katalavene tipota ).O pappous mou xaropaleve 2 meres akoma , meta to 2o xirourgio mexrh pou pethane, h mana mou den ton prolave pragma pou tin ponaei akoma kai twra.Otan eftase sto idrima kathotan kai tou milouse akoma kai an ixere pws" kimate".Otan vgike apo to domatio, i nosokomes ths eipan " H mitera sas ekane kati poli ediposiako , pou osa xronia doulevoume edw prwth fora to vlepoume...otan pethane o pateras sas auth evale ta klamata me ligmous xoris na einai brosta na vlepei , kai thn rotisame  ti exei kai mas edixe tin kardia ths legodas - kati edw...kati edw"

Akoma kai gia enan tetio anthrwpo pou tis eixe katastrepsei thn zwh eixe xoro sthn kardia ths...htan  enas aggelos..

Twra pou eimai 18 skeutomai kati pou me kanei poli xaroumenh giati telika gia ola iparxi h thetiki pleura...
Auth ti stigmh h giagia mou einai se ena xoro opou den voithaei....THN VOITHANE
den magirevei THS MAGIREVOUN
den zitaei prosoxh THS THN DINOUN APLOXERA
to atomo pou agapouse kai tin pligone einai nekro ALA AUTH DEN XEREI TIPOTA
eixe poles kakes anamnhseis DEN THIMATE TIPOTA
pigene panw katw gia na exipiretisi to spiti tis kori tis kai to diko tis TWRA DEN PERPATAEI ...tin exoun se ena anapiriko karotsaki kai kanoun aloi ton kopo.
thn ixan ekmetaleutoi oloi tous KAI TWRA einai se ena perivalon me xaroumenes giagioules pada xamogelastes pou tis pianoun tin sizitisi akoma kai an auth den borei na milisei....
malon an iparxei theos ekane auto pou tou zitise....tin apalaxe apo tin distixia ths...twra einai xaroumenh .... den gnwrizei oti exei provlima ...mono emis boroume na to doume...  :) isws na egine to kalitero gia tin giagia...

<3 Apo ta liga atoma pou me xehasan kai agapaw akoma...

ena video gia ilikiomenous pou kathe fora pou to vlepw thimame pos tha eprepe kai egw na ixa ferthei diaforetika

miss take

λάθος όλα. λάθος χώρα, λάθος γειτονιά, λάθος φίλοι, κυρίως λάθος φίλοι και παρέες, λάθος επιλογές, λάθος ώρα, λάθος λόγια, λάθος τύχη, λάθος χειρισμός, λάθος στιγμή, λάθος λάθοι, λάθος έρωτες, λάθος συμπεράσματα, λάθος ερεθίσματα, λάθος πολιτισμός, λάθος ηλικία, λάθος ημερομηνίες, λάθος πόδια, λάθος κώλος, λάθος ύψος, λάθος εγκέφαλος, λάθος προσωπικότητα, λάθος διατροφή, το λάθος του λάθους το λάθος λάθος.